The Iconic Collection

The Iconic Collection is suggested itineraries based on Iconic Norway’s most sought after destinations and adventures. The itineraries will be tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Iconic Hikes - Eco Travel

The perfect balance of adrenaline and serotonin. In this 12 day itinerary, Iconic Norway has designed a unique adventure, which encompasses amazing opportunities to view Norway’s most breathtaking scenery. Accommodation at mountain lodges and boutique hotels and the possibility to include activities such as fishing, kayaking and mountain biking along the way. This itinerary will always strive to use eco-certified providers.

Iconic Fjords - Historic Hotels

A 7 day/6 night journey which includes the famous fjords of the west coast. You will combine dramatic scenery with culinary experiences at historic hotels along the way. This itinerary includes cruises with the trusted cruise provider Hurtigruten, which have sailed the coast of Norway since the late 1800s

Iconic Architecture - Urban comfort

Norway is changing. Oslo has become a capital of contemporary architecture and the city is constantly developing. This 8 day/ 7 night itinerary takes you from the impressive wooden structures of the middle ages to the new generation of Scandinavian design. We combine modern impulses and urban luxury accommodation with magnificent views.

Iconic Drives - Dramatic scenery

This 6 day/ 7 night self- drive tour offers a wide range of experiences, sceneries and accommodations. Our hand-picked destinations are guaranteed to awe and amaze. From winding, hairpin roads and mountain passes to breathtaking bridges. This tour has it all. Iconic Norway makes sure you dine at spots a long the way that do more than just feed your hunger.

Iconic Norway - Winter

The long winter offers many chances to take home the most exotic souvenirs of all; your very own photograph of the mystical and unforgettable aurora borealis (northern lights). Try winter activities such as snowmobiling, dog sledding or snow shoe walking and warm up in the evenings in traditional log cabins with exceptional service. The trip includes domestic flights and an arctic voyage on the trusted cruise provider Hurtigruten. Make sure you bring warm clothes for this one!

Iconic Norway - Summer

Take time out of your schedule to really experience all of Norway. This 3 week journey takes you from bustling city streets to absolute silence and tranquility. Summers in Norway are beautiful and diverse. We offer an itinerary that will leave you with a true experience of all Norway has to offer. We will help you navigate around the tourist traps and let you experience Norway off the beaten path, without missing the highlights.