Photo Credits

We respect the works of the photographers, architects, landscape architects and artists that facilitate this website by sharing their beautiful photos. Through these photos they show their unique talent and we are thankful that we are able to showcase their work.

Stormy weather on the Atlantic Road
Architect: Smedsvig Landskapsarkitekter AS - Photo:©Steinar Melby
The Peer Gynt Farm, Gudbrandsdal Valley
Photo:©C.H. -
Norway Mountain Trolltunga Odda Fjord Norge Hiking Trail -
Photo: ©Lukasz Janyst
The Opera in Oslo - Architect: Snøhetta AS
Photo: ©Terje Borud - Visit
Mountain biking in Hellesylt, Geiranger
Photo: ©Mattias Fredriksson Photograpy AB -

Dinner in the courtyard
Foto: ©CH -
Trollstigen Viewpoint
Architect: Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter AS - Photo: ©Øyvind Heen - Visitnorway
Romsdalstrappa and Rampestreken Viewpoint, Åndalsnes
Architect: Streken AS/Hagen Landskap - Photo: ©Matti Bernitz/
The Pulpit Rock, Preikestolen
Photo: ©Andreas Gruhle - visitnorway
Viewpoint Snøhetta, Hjerkinn, Dovre
Architect: Snøhetta AS - Photo:©
By the camp fire, Buskerud
Road cycling, Isfjorden
Photo: ©Mattias Fredriksson Photograpy AB -

Hiking the Romsdal Ridge
Photo: ©Mattias Fredriksson Photograpy AB -
Stavanger city bridge
Photo: ©CH - visitnorway  
The Pulpit Rock
Photo: ©Casper Tybjerg/  
Photo: ©CH -  
Fruit blossom in Hardanger
Photo: ©Per Eide/
Iconic Trolltunga Photo
Photo: Lukasz Janyst
Heading back down  from Trollunga
Photo: © Asgeir Helgestad/Artic Light AS/
Hiking in Ekebergparken - The Couple 2003  
Artist: Louise Bourgeois ©Photo: CH -
The Rauma Railway
Photo:©Leif Johnny Olestad/  
Hiking the Romsdal Ridge
Photo:©Mattias Fredriksson/Photography AB/  
Fishing in Rauma River
Photo:©Øyvind Heen /

Summer at Blomberg Farm, Geiranger
Photo: ©Per Eide/  
UNESCO World Heritage - The Old Wharf of Bergen
The Hardanger Fjord
Photo:©Gaby Bohle/
Ålesund - The City of Art Nouveau
Photo:©Terje Borud/  
Gudbrandsjuvet - Architect: Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor as
Hiking Hjørundfjorden
Photo:©Mattias Fredriksson/  
Photo:©Øyvind Heen/
Sunrise from Hurtigruten
Photo: ©Nigel Milius

Oslo Opera House
Architect: Snøhetta AS - Photo:©Christopher Hagelund -
Picasso mural - Iconic Brutalist buildings Y-block
Artist: Pablo Picasso/ Carl Nesjar - Architect: Erling Viksjø
The Vigeland Park
Artist: Gustav Vigeland - Photo:©Nancy Bundt/
UNESCO World Heritage Site - Urnes Stavechurch
Photo:©Espen Mills/
Naust Sognefjorden
Photo: ©Øyvind Heen/
The Old Wharf of Bergen
Photo:©Sónia Arrepia Photography -
Aalesund - The City of Art Nouveau
Photo: ©Marte Kopperud/
The Trollstigen Plateau - Architect: Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter as/ Multiconsult.
Photo:©Jiri Havran/statensvegvesen/
Viewpoint Snøhetta - Hjerkinn
Architect: Snøhetta AS - Photo: ©CH/

The Old Wharf of Bergen
Photo:©Sónia Arrepia Photography -
Photo: ©RogerEllingsen/StatensVegvesen/
Sculpture in stone at Mefjellet
Artist: Knut Vold - Photo: ©JarleWæhler/StatensVegvesen/
Trollstigen Viewpoint - Architects: Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter as/Mulitconsult
Photo: ©JarleWæhler/StatensVegvesen/
Fishing bridges along side the Atlantic Ocean Road  - Architect: Mantey Kula as
Photo: ©RogerEllingsen/StatensVegvesen/
Aalesund - The city of Art Nouveau
Photo: ©Marte Kopperud /
Sunrise from Hurtigruten
Photo: ©Nigel Milius

Bergen by night
Photo:©Gaby Bohle -  
At Hurtigruten
Photo:©Madis Sargläpp
Sunrise Nordfjord
Photo:©Doris Marx
Trondheim in winter
Photo:©Mrs Christine Mansell
Northern Lights from Hurtigruta
Photo:©Chris Jolliffe
Dogsledding Tromsø
Photo:©Kazimieras Šešelgis
The North Cape
Photo:©Britta Lieder
Kirkenes Snow hotel
Photo:©Gioel Foschi
Northern Lights
Photo:©Jarle Wæhler/Statens Vegvesen/

The Opera in Oslo
Architect: Snøhetta AS - Photo: ©CH -
The Vigeland Sculpture Park
Artist: Gustav Vigeland - Photo: ©Nancy Bundt -  
Summer at Tjuvholmen
Photo: ©CH -  
Jumping in - Southern Norway
Photo: ©Johan Wildhagen -
Viking Ship at Bygdøy Peninsula
Photo: ©UiO
The Bergen Railway
Photo: ©Rolf M.Sørensen
Boathouses in Sognefjorden
Photo: ©Øyvind Heen/
The Old Wharf of Bergen
Photo: ©Øyvind Heen/
Dale of Norway - Reworked collection
Photo: ©Dale of Norway
Hiking in the Aurland Valley
Photo: ©Sverre Hjørnevik/Fjord Norway  
Borgund Stave Church
Photo: ©Øyvind Heen -
Gaularfjellet - Likholefossen Waterfall
Architect: Nordplan, Arild Waage - Photo: ©Tonje Tjernet / Statens vegvesen/
Mountain biking in Romsdal
Photo: ©Sverre Hjørnevik/
Geiranger from Ørnesvingen
Photo: ©Werner Harstad/StatensVegvesen/
Trollstigen viewpoint
Architects:Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter as/ Multiconsult -Photo: ©Øyvind Heen/
Ålesund - The City of Art Nouveau
Photo: ©Andres Giubelli -  
Bakklandet - Trondheim
Photo: ©CH -
The coast of Helgeland
Photo: ©Terje Rakke/Nordic life -  
Reine Lofoten
Photo: ©Mattias Fredriksson Photography AB -  
Fishing outside Tromsø
Photo: ©CH -  
Airplane Wing
Photo: ©Terje Rakke/Nordic Life