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Foto:Terje Rakke/Nordic Life

Take time out of your schedule to really experience all of Norway. This 3 week journey takes you from bustling city streets to absolute silence and tranquility.  Summers in Norway are beautiful and diverse. We offer an itinerary that will leave you with a true experience of all Norway has to offer. We will help you navigate around the tourist traps and let you experience Norway off the beaten path, without missing the highlights.

This journey starts and ends in Oslo


Day 1
Foto: ©CH

Arrival Oslo

Exploring the east side of Oslo. Sights included in your day or evening depend on your time of arrival. We recommend a visit to Oslo's hipster neighbourhood Grünerløkka. Accommodation at one of Oslo's modern design hotels.

Foto: ©CH
Day 2
Gustav Vigeland - Foto: ©Nancy Bundt/Vigelandsmuseet/BONO

Enjoy Oslo

Start the day by exploring modern art and architechure at Aker Brygge and Tjuvholmen. We offer guided tours in most languages. Enjoy lunch at one of Oslo's many restaurants. Hop on a tram and get ready for one of the most impressive sculpture parks of the world. The Vigeland Park is the world's largest scuplture park made by a single artist. The park displays Gustav Vigeland's life work and was completed between 1939 and 1949. If desirable (and available) we will get you a table at one of the city's Michelin starred restaurants for dinner.

Gustav Vigeland - Foto: ©Nancy Bundt/Vigelandsmuseet/BONO
Day 3
Foto: ©CH

Cruise Oslo Fjord

Don’t miss out on Oslo’s coffee scene. Norwegians drink more coffee than most and Oslo is heaven for coffee lovers. Some people even consider the espresso drinks offered in Oslo are worth a trip all in their own. As the the magical atmosphere of summer afternoons spreads throughout the city get on board and enjoy an evening cruise on the Oslo fjord.

Foto: ©CH
Day 4

Explore Oscarsborg Fortress

When Norway was invaded on 9 April 1940, Oscarsborg encountered one of the German invasion flotillas; they sank the heavy cruiser Blücher, and threw back the German naval force heading for Oslo, thus managing to save the Norwegian King and government from being taken prisoner. The fortress have now been made into a museum and a hotel and resort. Offering guided tours of the fortress as well as summer activities such as canoeing and swimming. Accomodation in the Oslo fjord region

Foto: ©Johan Wildhagen
Day 5

Bygdøy - the Museum peninsula

Ok, we admit it. This is not really off the beaten path. But no visit to Oslo is complete without it. The public ferry takes you to the peninsula that offers 8 different attractions. Get a true feeling of the Viking’s craftsmanship, the early explorers of the Arctic’s unique bravery and and everyday life in Norway over past 800 years.

Foto: ©UiO
Day 6

Bergen and Flåm Railway

Enjoy breakfast before you board the train and take part in one of the world’s most scenic train rides. The best is saved for last as you change trains at Myrdal station and descend from the mountain plateau down through the steep valley to Flåm by the fjord.
Accomodation in Flåm

Foto: ©Rolf M.Sørensen
Day 7

Cruise Sognefjorden

Flåm offers hiking trails of varying length and we recommend a hike before you board the fjord cruise. Sognefjorden is the longest fjord in Norway and a cruise gives you a unique way of enjoying it. Accomodation in Bergen

Foto: ©Øyvind Heen
Day 8

Enjoy the hanseatic city of Bergen

Explore the old wharf of Bergen. Take in the atmosphere of this historic town, and imagine what life was like during the ages of the Hanseatic league. The old wharf of Bergen is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Accomodation in the city centre.

Foto: ©Øyvind Heen
Day 9

Dale Factory Outlet Store

Pick up your rental car and get ready for a road trip. Today’s goal is a small bed and breakfast in the region that will give you proximity to nature and tranquility as well as a taste of local cuisine and beer traditions. But first - make sure you stop at the Dale Factory Outlet Store. Driving distance 180 km

Foto: ©Dale of Norway
Day 10

Hike the Aurland valley with guide

Get out your hiking shoes and camera as the professional guides take on a hike through this picturesque valley. Hiking length depending on your fitness level.

Foto: ©Sverre Hjørnevik
Day 11

Morning walk to Turlid waterfall

Drive to Balestrand, but make a small detour to visit the stave church Borgund. This is the best preserved of the 28 stave churches in Norway and displays impressive craftsmenship carried out between 1180 and 1250 AD

Accomodation Balestrand - Driving Distance 150 km - 2 ferries

Foto: ©Øyvind Heen
Day 12

National tourist route -  Gaularfjellet

To most people Gaularfjellet is a well-hidden secret, but it truely is a serene experience and worth a detour. It is now part of the National Tourist Routes of Norway and viewing points and resting areas are upgraded. Simply driving along the watercourse and following the natural route the water takes in its descent is a wonderful experience. Accommodation in an old Lighthouse*
Driving distance 240 km - No ferries

Foto: ©Tonje Tjernet/Statens vegvesen
Day 13

Spend the day in the area

Whether it is a good book and resting with your feet up, a challenging hike or fishing for trout. Only you llimit the possibilities of activities to enjoy. We tailor to your needs.

Foto: ©Sverre Hjørnevik
Day 14

Geiranger - UNESCO World Heritage site

Get an early start this morning and if the weather is nice, pack a lunch. Not because there are no restaurants en route, but because the resting areas are so much more rewarding. The deep blue UNESCO-protected Geirangerfjord is surrounded by majestic, snow-covered mountain peaks, wild waterfalls and lush, green vegetation.

Driving distance 180 km - 1 ferry

Foto: ©Werner Harstad/StatensVegvesen
Day 15

The Troll’s Ladder

Enjoy a cup of coffee and a traditional “svele” on the car ferry from Eidsdal to Linge while you charge your batteries for the most challenging part of the road trip; Trollstigen. Allow plenty of time for the trip − stops are essential whether you want the challenge of a hike to a lofty summit or just to enjoy the view. Return car in Ålesund and enjoy the evening in this town known for its iconic Art Nouveu architecture.

Driving distance 180 km - 1 ferry.

Foto: ©Øyvind Heen
Day 16

Coastal Voyage

Enjoy the morning in Ålesund before you board the iconic Hurtigruten ship, which have been used for transportation of people and goods a long the rugged west coast of Norway since the late 1900s.

Foto: ©Andres Giubelli
Day 17

Day 17: Morning in Trondheim

You may relax on board or chose to take a walk in Trondheim before you continue on your northbound journey. The ship makes it’s way west out into open waters and heads towards the land of the Midnight Sun, You can relax while you take in the views of the beautiful coast line, while the staff at Hurtigruten takes care of all your needs

Foto: ©CH
Day 18

Day 18: Crossing the Arctic Circle

If you are a true early bird you will experience the crossing of the Arctic circle and maybe even take part in an informal ritual.  

Arrival in Bodø and transportation to your final destination on this 3 week voyage.

Foto: ©Terje Rakke/Nordic life
Day 19

Day 19: Sea cabin - getting away from it all

After a few days on board Hurtigruten with people all around, two days of solitude is what you need to process all the experiences you have had these last few weeks. The sea cabins offer stunning views of the area and you can chose to sit back and do absolutely nothing! But why not experience some real fishing, a wildlife safari, kayaking in the Arctic or hike one of the countless peaks surrounding you?

Foto: ©Mattias Fredriksson Photography AB
Day 20

Day 20: Sea cabin life continues

Take part in the countless activities in the area. Are you catching and preparing your own dinner this final night in Norway?

Foto: ©CH
Day 21

Day 21: Return flight from Bodø airport

Foto: ©Terje Rakke/Nordic Life

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