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Foto: Christopher Hagelund

Norway is changing. Oslo has become a capital of contemporary architecture and the city is constantly developing. This 8 day/ 7 night itinerary takes you from the impressive wooden structures of the middle ages to the new generation of Scandinavian design. We combine modern impulses and urban luxury accommodation with magnificent views.

This journey starts and ends in Oslo


Day 1
Picasso murals -  Foto: ©TrondIsaksen/Statsbygg

Arrival Oslo

Exploring the east side and city centre of Oslo. We recommend a visit to Regjeringskvartalet that was struck by a terrorist bombing in 2011. This might be the last chance to view Picasso’s mural that is sandblasted onto the wall, as the government has decided to tear the building down. Art experts argue that the works, which were designed with the architecture in mind, should stay put and the structures repaired, at any cost. What will eventually happen to these iconic brutalist buildings, made by architect Erling Viksjø, will remain uncertain.

Picasso murals - Foto: ©TrondIsaksen/Statsbygg
Day 2
Gustav Vigeland - Foto: ©Nancy Bundt/Vigelandsmuseet/BONO

Explore Oslo

Start the day by exploring modern art and architechure at DogA, Norwegian center for Design and Architecture, The national museum of Architecture or a stroll through the newest additions to the city's skyline. We offer guided tours in most languages. Hop on a tram and get ready for one of the most impressive sculpture parks of the world. The Vigeland Park is the world's largest scuplture park made by one single artist, Gustav Vigeland. 
If available we will get you a table at one of the city's Michelin starred restaurants for dinner.

Gustav Vigeland - Foto: ©Nancy Bundt/Vigelandsmuseet/BONO
Day 3
Foto: ©Espen Mills

UNESCO World Heritage site

Enjoy breakfast at the hotel and move on to the airport for a local flight to Sogndal. You will experience a dramatic shift from modern, urban impulses to the uttermost tranquility. Take in the awe-inspiring wood-craft of the Middle Ages as you tour the Urnes stavkirke. The church was built during the 12th century and is an outstanding example of traditional Scandinavian wooden architecture. It brings together traces of Celtic art, Viking traditions and Romanesque spatial structures. Enjoy dinner and accommodation at one of the oldest family run hotels in Norway.

Foto: ©Espen Mills
Day 4

Cruise the Sognefjord

Today you will get the chance to experience Norway's longest and deepest fjord, Sognefjorden, by boat. Arrival in Bergen in the afternoon with the chance to experience night life in this small but yet continental city known for it's musical scene.

Foto: ©Øyvind Heen
Day 5

Enjoy the hanseatic city of Bergen

The old wharf of Bergen is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. With its distinct architecture it clearly states its place in the history. When it is time to go to bed you board the Hurtigruten ship. Get a good night's sleep in your cabin while this trusted lady takes you to the city of Art Nouveau.

Foto: ©Sónia Arrepia Photography
Day 6

Ålesund - the city of Art Nouveau

Ålesund is known for its unique concentration of art nouveau architecture and beautiful natural surroundings. The reason behind this uniqness is quite tragic. The town experienced a devastating fire one night in 1904. After a period of planning, the town was rebuilt in Art Nouveau-style. The structures were designed by numerous master builders and architects, most of them educated in Trondheim, Charlottenburg and Berlin, drawing inspiration from all over Europe. Depending on availability, we will arrange for a stay at the iconic Juvet Landscape hotel.

Foto: ©Marte Kopperud
Day 7

Architecture in nature

This day you will spend driving through majestic scenery. The Tourist Route Department of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration has engaged architects, landscape architects, designers and artists in a project to upgrade the National Tourist Roads. This has been an on-going project since the 90's. The architecture facilitate the experience of nature, while also appearing as an attraction on its own. Get an early start to make room for generous stops along the way. Accomodation in the Gudbrandsdal Valley.

Foto: ©Jiri Havran/statensvegvesen
Day 8

Day 8: Departure Oslo

Return vehicle at airport or spend an extra day or two in Oslo. Make sure you allow for a 2.5 hour drive to the airport.

Foto: ©CH
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